Who are the ISM?

The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) is the UK’s largest professional body for salespeople and is the authoritative voice of selling and the custodian of sales standards, ethics and best practice.

The core mission of the ISM is to promote standards of excellence in sales and sales management and enhance the prestige, integrity and profile of the sales profession as a whole and to inspire sales and marketing personnel to greater heights of achievement.

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Our shared goal

In line with the ISM’s mission, at Advance we also are passionate about bringing a standard and a level of professionalism to Sales.

Our journey has sought the most effective delivery model to gain buy-in, maintain momentum and make the diploma relevant to the roles of salespeople and managers.

Our aim is to not just deliver knowledge through an academic qualification but to develop skills and behaviours through reflective learning, work-based assessments, role plays and case studies specific to your organisation.

This blended approach builds in Advance’s world class material, regular progress reviews and support, using live opportunities and real accounts that tie to clear phases of the selling cycle. We believe 100% in creating sustainability and self-sufficiency with a clear ROI on the training.

Our approach combines the strength of academia and the quality of learning outcomes with Advance’s 30+ years of experience in helping companies such as Xerox, BT, IBM, Plantronics and Batelco.

Having reviewed Advance's programme of learning and assessment I found it well thought through, well put together and straightforward to follow. I was also impressed with the attention to detail in relation to their assessment methodology, which ensures coverage of the ISM* qualifications'' assessment criteria. All this great development work underpins Advance's great programme of learning and assessment.

Andy Wilson
Quality Manager: Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM)

Professional Accreditation to enhance CVs

Combine the practice and principles of sales management to offer universal relevance, whatever sector, organisation or country you work in. They are based on principles which set out the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of competent sales professionals.

The ISM offers professional and accredited sales qualifications approved by OFQUAL. The programmes are designed to accommodate each and every potential sales person along their career path from the earliest stages through to when they are at true exponents of their craft.

We offer various levels of the ISM professional sales courses, allowing you to progress through the stages as you develop your skills and career.

Flexible delivery options

Learn anytime, anywhere:
In the classroom with experienced tutors and/or online via mobile and desktop devices. .

We aim to link as much of the content to the real world and explore how this relates to an organisation and individuals’ roles. Our approach follows a journey that glues the ISM units together and shows how they relate to participants’ day-to-day activities.

Content will cover various elements from the selling cycle, including: targeting and breaking into potential new accounts; deploying core skills needed in every sales situation; planning successful sales campaigns; and/or developing accounts.

A combination of interactive discussions with our experienced trainers, exploration of case studies, online modules, reflective learning and both online and ‘real-time’ support from the moderation team, prepare individuals for completion of the work-based assessments and maintain adoption.

Every client we speak to is different. Depending on available time and resources, and/or required certificate or diploma level we can create a unique solution to meet your needs

Bespoke Package Options

Take control of your future with one of the sales qualifications below.

Level 3 – Sales and Marketing

Designed for sales professionals with at least one or two years’ experience working in sales, and possibly aspiring to team management.

Qualification specification

(4 Modules) 17 credits
(8 Modules) 37 credits

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Level 5 – Sales and Account Management

Designed for established or aspiring sales managers, account managers, regional sales managers or regional/key account managers.

Qualification specification

(4 Modules) 26 credits
(7 Modules) 44 credits

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* All ISM sales courses were QCF registered as ISMM Sales Qualifications until the end of 2017, at which point the qualification name changed to ISM Sales Qualifications.