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A Blended Approach to Sales Transformation – Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

With growing competition, more educated buyers, shorter sales cycles and an underinvestment in developing selling skills, it has never been more critical to invest in skills training.

Our Sales Training is offered in classroom and online formats with ISMM recognised Qualifications also available. For our Blended Learning Approach, we combine classroom and online training with clinics. We enhance the skills and competencies of our clients’ sales management and sales people, to better equip them for their individual roles in the drive for sales operational excellence.

The 70:20:10 concept indicates that 70% of learning takes place on the job, 20% from other people and 10% from formal learning. Skills, once learned, are practised, reinforced by coaching and perfected by doing. Tell me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.

We are a skills provider not a knowledge provider. Our blended learning approach will support you to replicate ‘The Best of the Best’ and drive an effective sales transformation.
As part of our Blended Learning Approach, we facilitate Clinics working with your own accounts and deals.
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Growing competition within an evolving marketplace, combined with more knowledgeable customers and skills shortages, mean that developing strong selling skills is critical to achieve competitive edge.


Classroom Training

Led by our high calibre training practitioners, with over 100 years of successful sales experience across a broad range of industry sectors between them.
  • Introduce new concepts and explore processes
  • Lively problem solving, role plays and sharing best practice discussions
  • Practice applying new skills in a safe environment
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Online Training

Our online platform takes the classroom online. Used as standalone training, support for our SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager, or as a follow up to face-to-face events, it gives firms a powerful tool with 24/7 access for busy professionals.
  • Extensive catalogue of bite-sized modules
  • Make connections between content and organisational processes
  • Skill based survey identifies gaps and recommends training
  • Course content is clearly absorbed and retained
  • Confidence in applying new skills to real accounts
  • Real world improvements can be witnessed
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Online Sales Training Catalogue

We help individuals and businesses, to achieve sustainable sales performance improvement through access to ‘best in class’ sales training materials, delivered through our Online Academy. Our courses are founded on our proven sales methodology and cover all phases of selling.
  • Deliver sustainable behaviour change
  • Mobile access – anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • Skills gained through: Interactive exercises, assignments, course notes and resources
  • Comprehensive range of courses and programmes cover the core behaviours and skills of the most successful sales people
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ISMM Qualifications

Many organisations now appreciate the value of an ‘accredited sales professional.’ Reinforce your business credentials and enhance your team with the interactive, mobile ready qualifications recognised by the ISMM.
We offer a Level 5 Diploma and Certificate in:
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Account Management
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What You Get

As part of our Blended Learning Approach our programmes, courses and clinics help our customers to create sales, win sales and develop their accounts.

We show them how to open more senior doors, how to create more and bigger deals, how to be more effective against the competition, how to be better at handling the politics and how to develop preferred supplier relationships.

Our training links explicitly to recognised stages of the sale.


Knowledge (how) becomes Understanding (why) enhanced through experience translates into Wisdom (Best of the Best)
  • Verbal, planning, and problem solving skills to create sales, win sales and develop accounts
  • Attract, retain and develop the brightest talent
  • Cost effectively minimise sales downtime while optimising sales performance
  • Individuals are in control of their own learning – improved engagement and satisfaction
  • Ability to measure correlation between training and performance to better track ROI
  • Value to Organisation – reduced costs over traditional methods
  • Value to HR – Professional Development aligned to business goals

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