Deal Planning Clinics

Failing to plan is planning to fail – be first past the winning post or first out of the race.

Practical facilitation of a simple, but powerful common sense approach to winning or quitting deals, following training in Commitment Based Selling underpinned by SCOTSMAN®.

A deal plan is a list of all the sales meetings you intend to have with your prospect, in sequence, with each meeting stating the outcomes that you want to achieve at the end of it. Each team member has specific objectives within an overall framework. At the end of each meeting success or failure is measurable, so project management is easy. Team motivation is fantastic over the life of the project.

The planning process should be engaged early in the sale, preferably before an ITT or RFP (if any) is issued, as this gives you the opportunity to influence the buying criteria.

Deal planning works best when it is based on commitments. The key is to plan for the customer to commit to specific actions at specific stages of the deal.

In our deal planning clinics, we review sales that are in progress with you, ensuring that it is clear how you will win the business – or lose quickly if it’s unwinnable.

With practice, your account managers and sales team leaders become increasingly self-sufficient. You achieve continuous improvements to the quality of sales planning and execution. You progressively reduce the time and resource needed.


B2B companies typically win only 3 out of every 10 deals they go for.
So 70% of selling time is wasted


  • We facilitate deal planning clinics to examine and improve existing deal plans
  • Clinics vary in length, depending on the scale of the deal
  • Account managers and sales team leaders learn by doing under our guidance
  • We review the current state of awareness of factors affecting progress of the deal

What you get

  • An understanding and practice of the deal planning process for real
  • Better appreciation of the politics and decision making process
  • Assurance that key players’ business and personal needs are catered for
  • Qualification of the deal using SCOTSMAN®, free-standing or on your CRM
  • A clearer picture of the customer’s criteria and expected benefits from the sale
  • Revised meeting agendas, required attendees and commitments
  • A roadmap for the sale – replicating the best of the best


  • Clarity of the plan’s objective– To sell product/service A to customer B by month C for price D
  • A plan and resource requirement based on careful consideration of the size, complexity and strategic importance of the deal
  • Continuous improvement to the quality of sales planning and execution
  • Reduction in time and resource requirement
  • Higher win rate, reduced cost of sales
  • Greater profitability
  • Better use of sales people, support and resources
  • Better sales forecasting, predictability and consistency – what shareholders demand

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