Account Planning Clinics

Failing to plan is planning to fail – realise your vision for your accounts.

Practical facilitation of a comprehensive approach to developing your accounts, following training in Developing Relationships and Managing Accounts.

Account Management is the coordination of customer focussed activities and management processes that maximise your share of product/services spend, today and for the long term, by retaining, adding and growing business.

There is a bigger objective than winning the sale. It is to win the account, to climb the preferred supplier ladder. When you are a preferred supplier you don’t have to sell to them because they want to buy from you. But more importantly, the relationship means that you are well positioned to give thought leadership, and be involved in opportunities earlier, so able to influence the buyer’s criteria and tender content.

In our account planning clinics, we review your position with the customer, how well you are performing and adding value to their business. We look at their world and assess the impact on them of current and expected changes in their business environment and how those changes might affect their demand for your products and services.

With practice, your account managers become increasingly self-sufficient. You achieve continuous improvements to the quality of account planning and management.

Why Account Management?

To co-ordinate your customer focussed activities and management processes to maximise your share of the purse today and for the long term.


  • Facilitate account planning clinics to examine and improve existing account plans
  • Clinics vary in length, depending on the size and complexity of the account
  • Account managers and sales team leaders learn by doing under our guidance
  • Train your account managers to facilitate their own clinics covering: analysing and assessing opportunities; defining goals, strategy and objectives; planning operational activities
  • Review the current state of awareness of factors affecting progress of account development
  • Ensure that the vision for the account is a clear destination and that there is a roadmap and an effective process in place to get you there

What you get

  • An Account Planning Facilitator’s Guide
  • The Account Planning Process and how to apply tools and techniques such as SWOT and PESTLE – and manage opportunities with Advance’s SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager
  • A set of prompts to help you with your planning
  • Suggested Account Management documentation


  • Clarity of short and longer term goals and objectives for the account
  • Ongoing plan and resource requirements based on careful consideration of the size, complexity and strategic importance of the account
  • Continuous improvement to the quality of account planning and development
  • Incremental business with the account – a larger share of the purse
  • Improved account profitability
  • Wider relationships and improved loyalty
  • Competitive lock-out
  • Better use of sales people, support and resources
  • Better sales forecasting, predictability and consistency – what shareholders demand

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