We support your sales leaders to deliver sales excellence, replicating the best of the best and implementing change by executing plans generated for business planning, customer and market focus, performance management and people development.

121 coaching with your sales leaders and managers provides greater insight into the shortest route to maximum returns and how to get the best out of the new infrastructure – leadership, people, process and systems.

People respect what you inspect, not what you expect. Their development is achieved, replicating the best of the best performers by embedding SCOTSMAN® and Commitment Based Selling.

Guidance, and where necessary practical help, support you in managing the changes needed to create sales excellence.

You walk the talk, align your management processes and lead the way forward, with consistency of approach.

Why Sales Leaders might need support

You are leading the implementation of change, upskilling people and adjusting their behaviours while learning the new ways of working yourselves – and still have other day-to-day demands on your time, energy and concentration.


  • 121 coaching sessions to help you to create your vital few actions and break the challenges down into bite-sized chunks, particularly where following up a Business Leaders in Control or Strategic Sales Workshop
  • Practical help where and when you need it – such as on sales process mapping and replicating the best of the best performers

What you get

  • Improved understanding of the tasks ahead
  • Clear guidance on the new processes, tools and techniques
  • A roadmap for the journey to sales excellence
  • Ongoing help and support, as and when required


  • You communicate a clear vision and strategy
  • You walk the talk – actions speak louder than words
  • Leaders become better coaches and the cultural changes are embedded over time
  • You have an effective sales management process in place
  • Your sales process management ensures higher sales people performance
  • Reduction in time and resource requirement
  • Better use of sales people, support and resources
  • Win more sales, win bigger sales, more profitable sales and win them more quickly
  • Better sales forecasting, predictability and consistency – what shareholders demand

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