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Helping you on your successful journey to sales excellence

In order to achieve sales operational excellence, the sales process must be firmly embedded into the organisation. Our Coaching and Consulting services support you in managing that change. In particular, we focus on the behaviours of your sales people. We’ll work with your Sales Director, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers and Sales Team Leaders to align sales management processes.
Our 121 coaching sessions give sales leaders the skills they need to lead the way forward. We also facilitate clinics to improve the effectiveness of your account and deal planning. These clinics ensure a successful sales operation which leads to increased revenue and profit.

Our approach is flexible and covers the following:


Operationalising sales excellence is a change management project and the success is dependent on good planning, careful implementation and robust management. Without this and the right support, the desired impact may not occur.


  • 121 coaching for senior management
  • Coaching Sales Leaders on sales process management
  • Assisting with internal communications
  • Delivering bespoke workshops to address high priority needs
  • Assisting with change management to maximise impact
  • Conducting pipeline reviews
  • Facilitating deal planning clinics
  • Facilitating account planning clinics
  • Implementing effective sales process management
  • Improving planning skills and time management

What you get

  • Enhanced quality of the pipeline
  • Improved quality of deal planning
  • Improved effectiveness of deal qualification
  • More effective sales process
  • Upskilled sales leaders


  • Sales Leaders are confident in sales process management
  • Effective deal planning processes
  • Effective account planning processes
  • Commitment Based Selling is embedded into the business
  • Improved sales processes

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