Why Advance - A complete
sales enablement model

Strategy delivers promises .... People and Processes deliver results.

Do you, as a business or sales leader, find that:

  • The organisation has difficulty forecasting and delivering predictable revenue growth?
  • You are dissatisfied with the way your pipeline opportunities are managed?
  • You don’t have all of the data sets you would like to inspect?
  • You have insufficient opportunities in your pipeline, so chase unwinnable deals?
  • Sales productivity is lower than you would like it to be?

If you experience some or all of the above, then take a look at a brief overview of Advance’s Sales Enablement Model, the components of which:

  • Deliver transformational gains through an aggregation of marginal improvements.
  • Provide an infrastructure that improves how leaders coach, and drive sales productivity and excellence through people and processes, all focussed on the customer.
  • Enable leaders to develop a forensic understanding and improve the quality of the pipeline.
  • Develop a common language, set of skills and behaviours that replicate the best performers.
  • Redefine qualification by looking at the sale as a whole and measuring what the customer does to move the sale forward.
  • Help ensure that selling is aimed at winning winnable business, thus improving win rates.
  • Enhance opportunity management in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs.

SCOTSMAN® Enablement Solutions combine to support the delivery of predictable, reliable and consistent business results.

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