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Professionalising Sales – Working in Partnership with the ISM

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At Advance we are passionate about bringing a standard and a level of professionalism to Sales through the effective use of a range of training, coaching and planning interventions, alongside internationally recognised qualifications accredited by the ISM. We love working in partnership with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM), whose mission “to raise the value of sales” aligns perfectly with ours!

Our journey has sought the most effective delivery model to gain buy-in, maintain momentum and make every solution relevant to the roles of salespeople and managers in the organisation it is delivered at.

Our blended approach combines the strength of Advance’s world class material (developed from years of working with & learning from ‘the best’ & endorsed by the ISM), regular progress reviews and support; using case studies, live opportunities and real accounts that tie to clear phases of the selling cycle, specific to sectors and/or organisations – all underpinned with strong learning and development principles to maximise impact.

We love helping organisations reach higher and be the best they can be, and were proud to both have our MD Mike Wilkinson invited to be a judge as well as sponsor the “Best Sales Employer of the Year” category for the BESMA 2018 Awards
… we are already working with some of our existing clients to put entries together for BESMA 2019 – will you be there “celebrating (with) the best in the business”?

We believe 100% in creating sustainability and self-sufficiency with a clear ROI on the training; linking as much of the content to the real world and exploring how this relates to an organisation and individuals’ roles. Our approach follows a journey that glues the Advance and qualification units together and shows how they relate to participants’ day-to-day activities – so much more than a ‘tick box exercise’.

Every client we speak to is different. Depending on available time and resources, and/or required certificate or diploma level we can create a unique & flexible solution, incorporating classroom and/or online learning, to meet your needs!

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Louise Jakobsen
Louise Jakobsen
(BA Hons Education & Training, MSc Multimedia & eLearning) Learning & Development Lead (Qualifications, Instructional Design & Train the Trainer)