Professional Services

Tailoring Training Solutions to fit your Organisational Culture & Maximise Adoption

In today’s fast-changing, increasingly competitive business environment it is vital to invest in change initiatives where the impact will be greatest. Getting your eLearning strategy right enables you to deliver the right training at the right time to individuals - how and when they need it!
Our experienced New Learning Architects work with you to identify the best options for converting and transforming existing materials while also suggesting solutions for gaps and areas that could be improved. We create training materials perfect for your organisation that meet the needs of a changing workforce.
Utilise our mobile learning solutions and understanding of successful change management to develop an effective eLearning strategy and action plan that supports your organisational transformation.


Learning and development interventions often fail because they are introduced in isolation. Salespeople are much less likely to engage with training they feel they are being forced into, without knowing or understanding the value to them … or how it links to the organisation's, and their own personal and professional, aims and targets.


  • Implement learning and development solutions from the top down, ensure business leaders know the value and they will pass on their enthusiasm for it to their teams.
  • Have and communicate a clear vison, action plan, resources and incentives in place to support individuals and teams as they gain and develop relevant skills needed to change.
  • Utilise the power of willing and able team members to enthuse and support less willing/able individuals.

What you get

  • Learning and development strategy linked to your organisational aims
  • Action and roll out plans
  • Clarity on the roles different people play
  • Enhanced change management skills
  • Ability to support sales behavioural change
  • A review of any gaps in training (outside sales training)
  • Train the Trainer support and development (where appropriate)
  • Development of additional learning materials, modules & resources (where needed)


  • Consistent and clear communication throughout the change process
  • Leaders who are confident in leading change and managing sales processes
  • More engaged individuals, taking ownership of their learning
  • Greater adoption in the learning opportunities and changes