SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds Commitment Based Selling to the Opportunity record in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM organisation.

Working alongside your existing Opportunity metrics, SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager adds quality measures about the opportunity allowing you to make informed decisions.
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Good qualification increases win rates! It reduces time wasted on the unwinnable and helps focus on turning good opportunities into wins

SCOTSMAN® tells you if an Opportunity is good for you. By scoring each of the 8 SCOTSMAN® sections it defines the "temperature" of the sale.

However, it is so much more than a scorecard. Where issues have been identified, they are linked to the specific Agendas and Commitments of specific Events that will address the problems. If there are no Agendas or Commitments to address the issues, then new ones can be created.


Planning is key to Commitment Based Selling. What Commitments do we need to convince us this prospect is serious about us as a supplier?

Winning the politics of the sale requires meeting the right people at the right time. SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager allows you to identify the Roles of people wanted at future Events before you even know who they are. Define the Agenda items to be discussed to get the answers you need and the Commitments from the customer that will convince you they are interested in you.

Record the outcome of meetings in terms of Commitments gained or not gained.


SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager drives out Opportunity level KPIs which allow Sales Managers to make informed decisions about an Opportunity’s progress

The SCOTSMAN® Dashboard provides an overview of the sale for drilling down into the detail of individual Events.

The SCOTSMAN® Report provides a comprehensive report on all aspects of the sale for use in 1-2-1 review meetings.

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