SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager

Effective qualification doubles your selling time

Improve forecast accuracy and win rates

SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager is a qualification tool that helps sales professionals to win deals or lose quickly – all within the CRM.

Embed SCOTSMAN® and Commitment Based Selling to:
  • Improve pipeline quality – focus on the winnable
  • Unlock more CRM value as a qualification and planning tool
  • Improve sales productivity and double selling time
  • Have more accurate forecasts and predictable sales
  • Increase CRM adoption and ROI
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A focus on measuring the quality of the sale

Working alongside your current sales processes, SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager adds additional quality measurements to the opportunity to identify where potential problems are and the commitments needed to win the deal.

Understand the detail with the SCOTSMAN® Dashboard. 

Event Roadmap

This allows you to plan beyond the next meeting.
• Who you need future calls or meetings with
• Plan what will be discussed
• Plan what Commitments to gain

SCOTSMAN® Qualification

Repeatedly test the temperature of the sale across 8 key areas.

Then identify:
• Everything is ok
• Data is missing
• We have a showstopper (a deal killer)

You then align any issue areas with plans to address them.

Improve skills and behaviours

Quickly upskill your sales team in Commitment Based Selling. To get you started, 2 courses are included on our Online Sales Academy:
• Commitment Based Selling
• Qualifying Sales with SCOTSMAN®

Further Courses are available covering:
• Behavioural, Planning, and Problem Solving Skills
• Managing relationships and the politics
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More Detail

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