Our Approach

Getting the best from Leadership, People, Processes and Systems

Strategy delivers promises. People, processes and systems deliver results.

The focus of all the organisation’s efforts is the client. Getting the best out of people, processes and systems is down to good leadership


Leaders must have communicated a clear vision and strategy. They need to walk the talk with an effective sales management process in place to ensure high performance.

People & Processes

We help organisations design and document best sales processes based on the practices of their most successful people. The biggest gift you can give sales people is a roadmap to success and the skills up programme to support them on the journey.


Sales communities’ expectations of CRMs often lead them to believe that these systems over promise and under deliver. Sales leaders continue to measure the wrong things and thereby encourage the wrong behaviours. It’s a fact that people respect what you inspect, not what you expect. 

Measuring what the client commits to is the real test of sales quality. The SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager qualification tool for CRMs helps sales teams manage the quality of the sale and generates value they can see for themselves through the benefits it delivers. The best of the best use our Commitment Based Selling model and good qualification to maximise their effectiveness.

If you have the right leadership, people, processes and systems all centred on the client, we suggest the results should take care of themselves.


Getting the best out of people, processes and systems is down to good leadership. Four key imperatives are:
  • Leaders must have communicated a clear vision and strategy
  • They need to walk the talk – actions speak louder than words
  • An effective sales management process must be in place
  • Sales process management has to ensure high sales people performance


Your people are your biggest asset so investing in their development makes sense. We offer a Blended Learning approach to Sales Training which combines workshops, classroom and online training.
Our Learning Architects can create bespoke courses for you or customise our standard online offering. We also offer a Coaching and Consultancy service with 121 coaching and workshops, as well as ISMM qualification content.


The biggest problem we see in sales is the lack of structure. If you have a clear system in place to follow the sale from beginning to end, you are more likely to win sales.
Together we will diagnose what you are doing and why. This will allow us to create a process that’s lean and works for you; designed for your customers and your market.


Having efficient systems in place allows you to effectively measure and inspect the right things.
Our SCOTSMAN® Plug-In is designed to track the process of a sale and identify the level of commitment from a prospect. This puts sales people in a better position to work on the sales that they can win, rather than wasting time on the sales they can’t.

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