The opportunity to power CRMs for sales and provide a forensic understanding of opportunity management.
13th June 2018
Sales People Do What Their Managers Measure!
12th July 2018

Driving behavioural change requires leadership, process and infrastructure


Strategy delivers promises – People and Processes deliver results!

We believe in the 70:20:10 model. 10% of learning is in the classroom, 20% through coaching and 70% on the job.

Yet many companies still invest 60% of their spend on the 10% in the classroom. No wonder they are disappointed with the results!

Common issues we are asked to address:

•  Seek a common sales language for multiple selling models and roles from order takers and project managers, to solution and consultative professionals.
•  A common methodology for managing pipeline and sales processes.
•  Sales Leaders becoming effective coaches – driving skills up and change.
•  What good looks like, how to change behaviours, up skills and drive sales productivity.
•  Stats show more time is spent losing deals than winning them. Win rates are less than 3 out of 10. Qualification skills are inadequate.

These impact the ability to deliver Predictable, Consistent, Reliable Sales Forecasts and Sales Productivity.

Advance are experts in Sales Qualification and Pipeline Management. The key is a top down approach and the infrastructure to enable Sales Operational Excellence and behavioural change.

People do what they are measured by and ultimately this drives behavioural change.
It is important to measure the right things.

Advance’s focus on the 90% has the biggest impact with minimum disruption and immediate results.

We address the common issues experienced by most organisations with a simple enablement model concentrated on Leadership, People and Processes all focused on the customer. You then can deliver Predictable, Consistent and Reliable sales forecasts.

This provides a platform for all best of breed training solutions in product, sector or skills to build upon and enhance competency frameworks.

 Common issues that need addressing  How Advance meets your requirements 
 Business Leaders as coaches  →  Drives a top down approach
 Forecasting and reporting  →  Improved sales forecasting, pipeline management and productivity
 Sales process management  →  Shape and structure based on best practice
 Skills and behaviours  →  Maximise the win value
 Single selling approach  →  Common sales language and data consistency

•  We focus on the infrastructure, so Sales Leaders become effective coaches
•  We provide the missing link to sales opportunity management in CRMs – improving forecasting and giving a forensic understanding of the pipeline.
•  Sales communities are upskilled – supported by workshops and the infrastructure to drive behavioural change, adoption and sustainability.

Strategy delivers promises, it’s people and process that deliver results.

We help companies deliver operational excellence so the
People and Processes deliver the results the strategy promises!

Addressing the root causes you fix the symptoms:

•  Achieve higher success rates, fewer lost sales and increased sales velocity.
•  Sales Leaders are in control with additional dashboards and data integrity.
•  Improved forecasting and forensic understanding of the pipeline.
•  Improve sales productivity – better sales qualification with time focused on winning the winnable. There is improved morale.
•  Managers are effective coaches – with a clear roadmap they are not only efficient but operationally effective.

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Mike Wilkinson
Mike Wilkinson
Managing Director Advance - Creators of SCOTSMAN®