28th September 2018

Motivators: how do you drive Sales productivity?

How do we drive sales productivity to motivate sales people to work harder and smarter? It is those people who have the greatest “need to achieve” […]
12th July 2018

Sales People Do What Their Managers Measure!

In some companies, Sales Leaders put a great deal of stress on the activity levels from their sales people. This may be a target to see […]
21st June 2018

Driving behavioural change requires leadership, process and infrastructure

Strategy delivers promises – People and Processes deliver results! We believe in the 70:20:10 model. 10% of learning is in the classroom, 20% through coaching and […]
13th June 2018

The opportunity to power CRMs for sales and provide a forensic understanding of opportunity management.

The Opportunity – bringing science to the art of selling CRM opportunity management and stages of sale progression for B2B sales all include modules on the […]
11th May 2018

Does CRM opportunity management support predictable sales forecasts?

All too often, opportunity management in CRM does not allow Sales Leaders to objectively see how well sales are progressing or pipeline quality. These are serious […]
24th April 2018

Life is the Summation of Small Problems

I learned a great deal from my mentor – Dermot Bradley – the inventor of the SCOTSMAN® qualification tool and Commitment Based Selling. I have a […]