Our Methodology

Accurate forecasting through Commitment Based Selling

Accurate and reliable forecasting continues to be a challenge for sales leaders and instilling confidence in the sales operation.

We provide the skills up, then a vehicle and roadmap for sales productivity and quality. When you inspect the right things, focus on quality prospects, you win in a controlled way to achieve more targets. Predictability becomes the norm, business leaders are in control so the business is under control.

Advance’s uniqueness is built on the completeness of our Commitment Based Selling model.

Commitment Based Selling provides the tools and training for sale leaders to qualify sales, and work out the commitments they need to win. Measurement becomes a binary process – Yes or No. The prospect either did or didn’t commit to a series of actions. You measure the quality of the sale with a simple, but powerful check. This makes inspection easy. Sales become more science than art.

Sales leaders are better equipped to address those critical issues of sales predictability, consistency, reliability and sales productivity, and sales professionals replicate the best of the best.

The Commitment Based Selling Suite of Products and Services

Our Products and Services all utilise our world class Commitment Based Selling approach.

Our model concentrates on developing sales leadership, people, processes, and technology; ensuring they are all focused on the client by:
• Upskilling sales communities
• Providing shape and structure to sales processes
• Realising more of the potential benefits of CRM systems for sales

How can Commitment Based Selling help you?

Tried and tested

SCOTSMAN® has been used by 10,000s of sales people across the globe for several decades to test the temperature of an opportunity.

Invented by Dermot Bradley, SCOTSMAN® has stood the test of time and is now available as an add on to your CRM
SCOTSMAN® Qualification
SCOTSMAN® is an integral part of Commitment Based Selling deal planning
SCOTSMAN® qualification is more than a “bid / don't bid tool”. It helps you identify what you know and don't know about an opportunity, and if you know something you don't like, plan what you are going to do about it to overcome the problem.
SCOTSMAN® focuses on 8 key areas of a sale:

S – Solution
C – Competition
O – Originality
T – Timescale
S – Size
M – Money
A – Authority
N – Need
Each area is then scored as:

0 – No action is needed
1 – Don't know if any action is needed
10 – There is a potential showstopper