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Achieving Sales Excellence through Commitment Based Selling

Advance is a B2B sales coaching and consulting business, working with SMEs to corporates. We focus on helping companies to replicate the best of the best and implement sales operational excellence.
At the heart of our Commitment Based Selling model sits our well known SCOTSMAN® qualification methodology. This was developed in conjunction with Dermot Bradley: an experienced IBM systems engineer and salesman that became a successful sales coach and consultant. SCOTSMAN® has been used by tens of thousands of sales people across the globe over the past 30 years including companies such as IBM, Xerox, GE, Fujitsu, Accenture, BT and Unisys.
Selling in the 21st century has evolved. New sales processes exist, selling cycles are shorter and buyers are more educated. For many, marketing has become the new sales. We contend that companies need to adapt to these changes and develop their people to have world class selling skills.
With our offering, engineered for the modern world and underpinned by Commitment Based Selling, the outcome is predictable sales growth, increased profitability and enhanced shareholder value.

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